Monday, November 5, 2007

Sick/Presentation/ and Blah

Today was just a blah Monday. It was cold and overcast and I did no chores and was just a bum. We all have nasty colds and coughs. Feel bad for the hubby. He is totally out of sick time and has been coughing so much. Being on the phone irritates the heck out of his already throbbing throat. Poor guy. If I could do his job I would take over for him, but I would probably get him fired cause I don't know squat about computers. Actually I did go and give a presentation to the 2nd grade class at the academy about my EGW heritage. My hubby made a lovely DVD which I used and paused it to tell memories and stories of my family. So, if I ever am asked again to share I have a cool presentation. I am very impressed with the new academy. It is more compact and I totally feel the kids are SAFE there. The only way for a bad person to get in is through the office. The school is gated. Each classroom is closed and secured as well. I can't believe Emeline will be there next year. Oh get this. When the new vice principal found out I was a teacher he asked if I would be interested in teaching there next year. I just smiled and said "I am a full time mom and student and I would have to see." I mean seriously. Another sappy offer. Why get my hopes up when I keep getting screwed. Oh well. Happy Birthday to my dad and best grade school friend Anne Marie!!!!!!


tiffany said...

Emeline is going to school already? Crazy how time flies. Glad you are in a good place and can tell the Academy that you'll think about it. =D

Zordmaster said...

Did you ask the VP where she was when you applied last year? =)

Hope you all fell better by this weekend!

Zordmaster said...

Have you talked to AM lately? Do you know if she will be town for the holidays?