Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Already????

Happy November! My oh my. Hope everyone had a happy trick or treat day. Hope you got more treats than tricks. Hehehehe! Remo was able to get off half a day and trick or treat with us this year! We decided to go to Seaworld. There were NO PEOPLE there. It was fantastic. They gave the kids a treasure map. They had 14 stops throughout the park where the kids could pick up stuff for their baskets. And because it was Seaworld the kids got nice candy and toys! Little spider rings, fangs and fake teeth, shamu tattoos and stickers, fridge magnets, and just unique candy like gummy eyeballs, bones, fangs, jelly bellies just to name a few. They gave at least 5 of everything so the kids left with a FULL bucket. We then hit the new Otay Lakes mall to meet Jada, Judah, and Nicholas. The traffic was horrendous. We got to the mall at 6 and all the stores were out of candy. How sad. I am so glad we didn't plan on that for our main trick or treating. We did get to eat dinner together as a group in the food court. I would strongly recommend anyone with kids to trick or treat at Seaworld. That will be our new tradition until the kids get older. Hubby lost his voice and had to be sick today. I have been busy with my new school classes. Tonight is T.V. night yeah! New Survey!!!!


maybe strawberry said...

sounds like a great idea to go trick or treating at sea world. i didn't know they sea world did that. that is very nice. wish we could have joined you. i had to work last night

Zordmaster said...

I wish I had my camera last night. The kids were so cute in their costumes!

Chris said...

Sea World is a great idea for Holloween.