Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Whirlwind and Lazy Monday

Friday--Did lots of errands and prep for Harvest Festival and Adventurer program. Stayed up late to make jello and 30 cupcakes for the Adventurer potluck.

Saturday--What a success the Adventurer program was. I am glad the church gave us 25 minutes to show what an active club we are and that the kids are not annoying little booger pickers that some of the old people think they are. I was so proud of the kids. And they were proud too. Went to dinner in honor of Jean Lamy's b-day. Then it was off to the church to prepare for the Harvest Festival. Another late night preparing my special batter and mixture for our booth.

Sunday--Harvest Festival was a blast in spite of the 4 hours of sleep I was running on. I loved our booth and product and so did everyone else who remembers the academy festivals and the famous pronto pups with the special sauce. I found it in a cookbook we were given for our wedding. Our booth was decked out in old academy yearbooks, letter jacket (Thanks Grace), jersey (thanks Darren). For entertainment we had 50's music playing. I was even decked out in the Grease chick costume. However it wasn't creative enough to win the big prize. I was sad. But it was so nice to know people really appreciated our pronto pups. People kept asking about the recipe. I said big fat NO. But of course the hubby shared graciously. Ugh. So, if anyone wants to copy our booth we may have to step it up a notch. Now that we bought the fryer we have to do something fried to get our money worth. Oh well, I have a year to think. Rest of evening we just vegged out. My feet were so sore.

Now it is already Monday evening. Spent all morning logging in to my new class and reading the requirements and due dates. I ran off all the forms and put everything on the calendar. The kids and I turned our 2 pumpkins into Jack O Lanterns. We just had baths and will retire early for the night. We are all so pooped from the weekend of hustle and bustle. My body aches all over and we all have a cold.


maybe strawberry said...

we loved the pronto pups and secret sauce. absolutely delicious!

Zordmaster said...

I second those pronto pups. Yummy! Can we make a request to have those at your parties now???

maybe strawberry said...

good idea zordy! so when's the next party wendy? i'll be there!

schoolgirl said...

next party will be Emeline's birthday Dec. 30th!!!!!!