Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Indoor Fever

The air was a bit better today. We could actually see patches of blue sky which was encouraging. Still kept kids camped inside but we have indoor cabin fever so bad. Trimee came over so we could have a patch party to begin sewing all the patches for the kid's uniforms. Then we went to practice at the church. It felt nice to get out a bit. I would have had a final to due but all the schools are closed this week. I also had a presentation to do for the 2nd grade class at the academy but they were closed too. I have put my energies into getting ready for the special induction Sabbath service for the kids, and my booth for Harvest Festival on Sunday. The hubs still has a job yea, in fact he has been working 1-10 this week. He is getting off soon and I want to spend some quality man/wife time with him.


tiffany said...

Glad you were able to get out...I know I was going a little stir crazy too.

maybe strawberry said...

good that school was canceled so you could work on this weekend's stuff!! i'm very excited!! it's gonna be fun