Thursday, September 27, 2007


We went to Kiddie Candids to join with all the Barizo cousins for a photo shoot. Hats off to the workers there. It took and hour and a half to get 7 kids filmed. I am so glad we did it though. You can see each kids unique personalities in the photo. Next we went shopping for Adventurer uniforms. I found a skirt for Emeline and an alfit for me too. Came home to catch up on the much needed laundry volcano. In the evening we headed to grandma B.'s for Ryan's 7th b-day party. Thanks again Valerie and Mohri for a great party, fun time, and best of all the Rubio food. My hubby and I fasted all day for that. I am a lemonaholic and loved all the wonderful selections of desert too! So happy you guys came to SD to celebrate. It has been such fun watching all the cousins interact and play with each other. Good times. Also, happy birthday to Jada tomorrow. All the babies are growing up! Happy weekend all.


Mama of two hapas said...

It was a lot of fun for Ryan, too! He's had a blast all week! I'm sad we have to leave on Saturday!

tiffany said...

I love the cousin photo. SO cute! It was really nice to see you guys.

maybe strawberry said...

please post the pictures of all the kids, i can't wait to see them