Sunday, September 30, 2007


My hubby and I had signed up months ago to attend the "I Promise" marriage seminar by Gary Smalley this past weekend. Best of all it was right here in SD at my old college in El Cajon and we won our tickets and got half off! What an awesome and inspiring 2 days! The speakers were so incredible and shared so many personal testimonies and Scriptures! I have a great partner and marriage, but I feel so renewed and rejuvenated at the moment. In fact, I want to have a small re dedication and re newel of our vows and marriage in mom and dad B's backyard for our anniversary. I want to type out my notes to share with you guys and perhaps want to start a small group going again. I just have so much to share. Rest of weekend was spent enjoying the beauty of Balboa Park and catching up on chores. Please answer the new survey question about fall. Thanks.


tiffany said...

I'm glad that it was a blessing for you.

maybe strawberry said...

that is great about the seminar, i'm all for anything that will help to have a happier marriage. it's so easy to take your spouse forgranted.

Chris said...

I've heard of him. I bet it was really good like you said.