Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy Busy and Fall

Just busy with mommy and wife responsibilities, church teaching SS and Adventures, and oh yeah school assignments! Whew. I literally have to physically make myself breathe once in a while.

We did break away and get to go to Disneyland yesterday. Noah rode his first roller coaster in Toon Town. We finally got to see and go on the Nemo sub ride! Both parks were decked out in fall decor. One park had a whole candy corn theme, and Disneyland was full of pumpkins. It felt so festive. I love the fall time of year. Cooler weather and my favorite holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also all the colors of the leaves and flowers. The nice scents of cooking too! Don't forget to answer my new survey question. You can select more then one answer.

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maybe strawberry said...

how nice that noah got to go on this first roller coaster. did he like it? and how was the submarine ride? we miss you guys