Monday, September 17, 2007

Adventure Stuff/Bad Babysitter/Soul Searching

So, I had to do some Adventurer stuff with Trimee this morning. Those of you in the club the T-shirts for the little kids are so cute and adorable. You will be getting the class B and the scarves and patches on Sunday. Reserve October 20th. This is where the kids will be inducted and dedicated to the Lord. Can't wait for another exciting meeting on the 23rd.

Meanwhile....While i was out for only about 2 hours here is what I came home to: a cyclone of toys, poop in the potty, bread stuck in the machine which wasn't taken out, both pets and babies starving, beds all undone (I had done them all up earlier). Needless to say, I told the babysitter he was fired. But haha you can't fire a husband huh? At least everyone was safe and protected but I can see what will happen when I do go back to work. No, it is time for some serious butt kicking training for all NOW. We have a daily schedule but it is time for a chore and duty list ASAP.

After reading our kids Bible story last night, Noah fell asleep right away. Emeline began asking me questions about heaven. Where does Jesus live? When will he come knock on our door to get us to take us to heaven? How do we get to heaven? It was so innocent and sweet. We had a great half hour discussion. I get teary eyed every time I think about it. So somehow between the discipline, yelling, disobedience, and stubbornness, my little 4 year old is learning about Jesus. I must be doing something right.

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