Friday, August 31, 2007

Waiting in Line Sucks

So, I awoke at 5 to get ready for mom and dad B. to arrive so I could take them to the airport. Flashes and then boom boom made me stop in my tracks. We encountered a small lightening and thunder storm for about half an hour. The clouds barely peed on us and we got hardly any wet, though we desperately need RAIN. I am glad dad drove to the airport. Even at 7 am it was jam packed and people were honking and being rude even though there was a grid lock to unload passengers. Made it home ok. It was interesting driving your car Grace. I have come to the conclusion that I don't care for SUV's. Made breakfast and got 2 loads of laundry done before the family woke up. Then it was off to Southwestern to get my records. I had to stand in a line out the door with students who were adding and dropping classes. SUCKS! Then it was off to the bank to just make a simple deposit. More lines out the door. It was early afternoon and only 2 tellers were working. Guess everyone was trying to get and deposit money for the holiday weekend. Lastly it was off to Costco to get some household things. There was barely any room to shop with all the carts and people. And the checkout lines, oh my. So I got plenty of exercise standing in lines today. heheheh. Now we are at home relaxing and enjoying the AC. Pray for mom and dad B. to have a safe flight and cruise. They called at 2:30 to say they were still in SD. They could smell jet fuel and the plane came back to land due to engine problems. They are on a new plane and should leave around 4:30. The cruise takes off tomorrow from Boston. Yikes. Hooray for a long weekend. Be safe and enjoy!


maybe strawberry said...

thanks for taking the creators to the airport. sorry you had to be out and about town today--today is a good day to stay at home, since there are so many people getting ready for the long weekend.

maybe strawberry said...

i like the changes you have made with your blog. very nice!