Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morning Sickness and School Prep

The whole family was up at 2:30 am. Emeline was whining and complaining of owies. She had a slight fever and then burped and upchucked all over the comforter. Then she slept soundly the rest of the night. I think it was something she ate because she has been herself all day. Noah and my husband had runny noses and a deep cough. I was just up because I had to take care of everyone. Didn't get back to sleep again till about 4. Rest of day was spent running all over town gathering transcripts and course info to complete the registration process. National gives you a 90 day grace period to get all the busy secretarial stuff in. Man, what a big pain in the booty. My main concern is that because it has been over 7 years since i was in school they said that nothing can transfer. Heck, I taught and was a professional teacher for 7 years, that ought to count for something you think? I am thankful I have an assigned advisor who I have been e-mailing and corresponding with several times a day. She just reassured me that after the school "evaluates" me during the 90 days, I can bring in my course descriptions that I feel are the same to be waived. But what if I am already enrolled in stuff I don't need!!!!!! OK, I will try and breathe and relax and enjoy my last full free weekend coming up. Got to get to bed early cause I am driving the creators to the airport in the wee morning. Chow for now!


Wife said...

Your title got my interest peaked. ahhahah........ I thought that was your way of announcing that Emeline and Noah are going to have another sibling. hahaha.... Sorry that they are sick. Hope they feel better soon.

maybe strawberry said...

yeah, me too!!! i thought maybe the last of remo's little swimmers got to you