Monday, August 27, 2007

Mall Shopping

We took a trip to the local mall Plaza Bonita. I usually never go there because it is pretty scuzzy and all. They are renovating and making it bigger and better and more attractive. There is a parking structure, movie theatre, and outdoor shopping and dining. Should be done next year. It will be nice to have a great mall close to us. I heard Target is coming too. I had some exchanges to do. Then we got a new family sticker for the back of our car. The kids rode the carousel too. But the best part was finding Emeline a Halloween costume. She loves Mickey Mouse, but we keep trying to tell her he is a BOY. Well, I just wanted to pop into the Disney store to get some ideas because I was planning to just make a costume from scratch. We showed her all the princess gowns and she just frowned. My girl is just not into the girly fashions yet. Her daddy fell in love with this cute Minnie Mouse dress. It is not too frilly or girly, but just perfect enough for our girl. After much coaxing from daddy Emeline tried it on and we persuaded her and we just gave in and bought it. I would have spent the same amount of money on making the alfit anyway. For 50 bucks it came with the ears and gloves. I got a size big hoping to get at least 2 years out of it. After Halloween Emeline can dress up and be cute like the other girls at Disneyland. So Noah will just use the cat costume from last year and whew we are all set. Rest of day was spent power cleaning the kitchen. I was craving chocolate cake and baked a fabulous one with cream cheese frosting after dinner. Got to get the last kid out of the bath and then on to bed so I can have some silent mommy solitude.


Wife said...

Aaaawww. Her costume sounds cute! It's funny to me that Remo has to talk her into wearing the Minnie costume instead of the Mickey. Nicholas has been BEGGING me to have him wear his power rangers costume to Disneyland, but everytime we have gone it's been stifling hot. But this next time, the weather should be a lot cooler. Maybe the kids can wear thier costumes then.

maybe strawberry said...

i didn't know they are fixing up plaza bonita, glad to hear they are doing that. glad that you were able to find a costume for emeline. she'll be a cute minnie mouse for sure.