Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Grumpy Mommy

So I was awakened from my deep and slumber sleep at 5 to some severe bowel cramps and an abrupt trip to the bathroom. Then the dog needed to relieve himself. Noah was up at 6:30. He must not feel good today because he was nothing but a whining, fussy, clinging mess!!!! Nothing pleased him today. Emeline and daddy made nothing but messes from food, clothes, toys. I spent most of my day just cleaning up after everyone. I did get the pleasure of cooling off in the pool for an hour. Tonight I have to go to the nominating committee meeting. I didn't do all my homework. Oh well. My hubby says to just agree with everyone else. But I really want to think things through and be an honest active member. So, I have an hour to get the kids ready (yup they have to tag along too), and jot down some thoughts on paper so I don't show up to the meeting empty handed. Oh, I also have my period and it is so stinking HOT. But the canker sores are gone thank God. Maybe tomorrow will be more pleasant and positive.

Happy BirthdayAuntie Vangie!!!!!!!!

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Wife said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting on the phone! We enjoyed listening to Emeline sing "Happy Birthday."

Maybe it's just me, but didn't you just have that monthly visitor or is time really going by that quickly?