Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm Back


What a blast we had at Disneyland last week. I was a smart mama and hit Wal-Mart a few exits away for snacks, T-Shirts, and water mister. Thanks Mark for such a great suggestion. The mister was a God sent and a wonderful way to help beat the heat! I was also thankful for the scooters we have. It was so exciting because Emeline met several of the height requirements and we could actually go on a couple BIG adult things. She definitely loves taking risks and adventure. Her favorite ride was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. That is a bumpy and freakin fast fun coaster. We rode that about 5 times. The magic number for height seems to be 42 inches. So, next year both kids will be able to do most things. Of course we mostly hung out in kiddie ride land. We got to ride the Mark Twain Riverboat and both kids were amazed--Noah with the motor and huge paddle--Emeline with the whole boat chugging on the water. I must say that the Disney fireworks blow Seaworlds show away. I have never seen such a spectacular firework show. TinkerBell even flew across a giant bungee cord! Wow. Fantasmic was another Disney marvel. Emeline loved how Mickey used his imagination and battled the evils. We spent 1 whole day at California Adventure. They have a nice kid land there too. We rode the rockets that spin around over the fake bay. Fun but a tad scary! Emeline loved it. Both kids loved the exciting Electrical Parade. I was so glad our hotel was right across the street from the park!!! It was a step up from Motel 6. We got breakfast, had a microwave and fridge in the room. It had a pool and jacuzzi. Didn't take many pictures, just video of the kids firsts on stuff. I will try and post stuff on myspace. AHHH. Very pleasant and happy family memories of a much needed vacation.

Decided to continue our vacation with a roadtrip to Apple Valley to visit a Pastor family Mel and Julie Baga. Long drive but so worth it. They have a cute small congregation and will soon move into their own building. How exciting. After church we had a potluck with them at their lovely home. It is a spacious house with the hugest country open kitchen. I think 4 bedrooms-all one story. The best part was the yard. Green grass and spacious with several kinds of trees and garden. The Bagas have a son Micah who is 2. He and Emeline connected right away and you would have thought they had been best buds since forever. They played on the jungle gym and had great fun sliding into the pool. Noah was more shy and played alone with all of Micah's toys. The adults just enjoyed catching up and hanging inside the air conditioned house. On the drive home we stopped to shop and stretch our legs a bit and to eat. Another fun adventure and quality family day.

Woke up at 8 to a flow or water streaming down our driveway. At first I thought our tenant was washing his car. But when I checked he wasn't. I followed the water and discovered an inch of water all along the side of our renters place. I thought a pipe had burst or the bathroom flooded. Woke up the hubby. We found the source. Our little old lady neighbor had left her hose on for watering her garden and plants. I rushed over to tell her to turn it off. She felt so terrible. I told her no worries and if she ever needed help watering or with anything to let us know. Poor thing. She really looked awful. She said she isn't doing so well. We fear she may be going to see Jesus soon and then we will get some awful neighbors. Anyways... I had a meeting at the church. Came home and began the mountain task of the AFTERMATH of our trip. I wanted a pizza and when I opened our extra freezer in the garage I noticed that everything was soft. The timer had broken on the freezer and no stores were open to get a new one. So, we had to empty and salvage what we could. Rest of day was spent cleaning up and organizing back to normal.

Anyone ever have canker sores??? I had an outbreak of 5 right before our trip. Bought some antiseptic gel to numb and reduce the pain and infection, but man do they hurt!!!!! It takes 2 weeks to heal up. This is going on week 2. They are not contagious like cold sores. It sure hurts to chew, eat, brush my teeth and smile. Finally they feel like they are healing but I feel another outbreak coming on the bottom. If that happens I may go to the doctor. Not much they can do though. UGGGGG. Any suggestions on how to get rid of ants and flies???? My hubby made this borax solution and put it all over the base of the house. There are just too many of the critters to rid of. I want him to just call a professional. For the flies he bought a black light and connected it to our ceiling fan. He said they would be attracted to the light and be sucked out. I love my hubby for his efforts, but they are NOT WORKING, and I am sick of the pests!!!!! I will end with a positive. My hubby was the BIG WINNER at his work and won the GRAND PRIZE. 75 bucks to spend at Wal-Mart. YES!!!!!!! God is good and keeps on taking care of us!!! Unexpected blessings are sure great!!!


maybe strawberry said...

sounds like a really great trip to disneyland!! we had fun with your family on saturday, we'll have to visit mel and julie more often then every 4 or so years. sorry about the freezer and the lost food and the ants! we have been having some ant problems too. we have to keep the kitchen immaculate or thousands will come back. but they always come back because they find one little piece of food i forgot to wipe up the night before. i think they are starving because yesterday, they were swarming all over a piece of nectarine. i didn't know they like fruit.

Mama of two hapas said...

Wendy, you can treat canker sores with something called Debacterol. You can get it from your dentist, because it's prescription only. It's basically an acid that burns the top layer of the canker sore, so it kind of hurts to put on, but then the pain of the canker sore goes away completely, and it heals faster. Also, reduce the amount of acid in your diet from things such as fruit and tomatoes which can cause a breakout. Did you change toothpaste? A new toothpaste can cause it, too.
Sorry about the ants and stuff...we don't have ants, but we had flies terrible this weekend...Mohri and Ryan killed at least 20 before Sabbath dinner, and there are still several in the house! Good luck and tell Remo to call an exterminator!

Chris said...

What did yo get at Wal-mart?