Monday, August 20, 2007


The washing machine has been working non stop since last night. We are just busily preparing for a lovely 3 days up at Mickey Mouse's playhouse. However, the heat is supposed to be really bad. Lots of protection, hats, and coolest clothes possible. We did manage to take a break and go to story time at the library. My hubby hasn't had a hair trim in 2 months. It was so bad, you could seriously make a wig with all his cut off hair. So we stopped by at the B. grandparents. Jada, Emeline, and Noah really get along and have a blast together. Wish we could play with Ryan and Ella too. :-) Jada really likes to play hide and seek and kept tugging on my pants and laughing saying "Seek seek." So cute. Hi ho Hi ho it's off to more packing I go!


tiffany said...

Yay! Have fun! Hopefully we'll see you on Wednesday!

hygienequeen23 said...

thanks for playing with jada... i feel like im neglecting mykids by being away soooooo much and cant play hide and seek