Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Chores and Harvest

So, it was a busy Friday doing chores and preparing for the weekend of which I hope to RELAX!!!!! The hubby felt better and went out to weed whack and do some on the yard. He spent most of his time in bed though. The wounds have scabbed and the outer swelling is gone. He just has some inward swelling which we hope go down soon. The most exciting thing was we harvested our corn!!!! I picked 20 ears!!! It is so cool to be eating the produce that we made!!!! Even though our day was busy, I am happy we all 4 were together. So thankful for the Sabbath and weekend!!!! Have a good one!!!!


tiffany said...

Wow, 20 ears?! That's cool! I guess I haven't been to your house during the day to check out the garden. I didn't realize you had such a good crop.

grace said...

good to hear that remo is healing up. we are very impressed to hear about the 20 ears of corn!!! we wish we had a yard