Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Weekend Adventures

I had no duties at church, so we decided to spend the Sabbath at the beach!!!! We haven't been to the ocean all summer. It was truly a blessed and relaxing day, something we all desperately needed after our long couped up week. The weather was perfect with no clouds and not too hot sun. The water and waves were mildly cold and just right for the kids to enjoy too! Emeline would try and swim in the ocean and soon realized it was too hard and not like a swimming pool. Every time she would start to swim, a wave would crash around her. She had fun trying to jump over the waves as they came at her. Noah was a tad afraid of the waves and said, "Make the waves stop crashing." Instead of jumping over them, he would run backwards to escape the rushing water before it touched him. Both got a good dose of salt in the mouth. Emeline made lots of sand angels and both enjoyed getting dirty making sand sculptures and roads. We were there till 6:30 p.m. The evening was spent vegging in front of the T.V. Emeline loves playing daddy's shooting game and is getting quite good at it. Watch out all you gamers at the next computer party!!!!!! A new champion is emerging!!!!!

Emeline and Noah had their first circus experience today. It was the famous Ringling Brothers one that travels all over the world. The B. grandparents and Jig and April's fam were there too. It was quite an experience with lots and lots of clowns and acrobats, tigers, elephants, dogs, and horses. I remember many more animal acts though when I was a kid. The circus seemed more original back then. Now to keep up with the changing society it is all techno and super loud and mostly dark so you can see the special effects. Noah wanted me to buy him all the food snacks. I did give in to popcorn. Both kids said they liked the animals the best. The kids did have fun. I bought each a big coloring book to remember the acts and experience. Grandpa B. took us to In and Out to eat before returning us home. The kids have been attacking each other since we have been home trying to burn off some energy and steam. Hope they tire soon. And so begins another week!!!! Chow for now.


grace said...

sounds like a good day at the beach. sorry we didn't get to go with you. we ended up taking a nap! we miss your kids. do you think we can take them to the tidepools sometime?

happymom said...

Grace, you may borrow the kids ANYTIME!!!!!!!!!! Let us know when you want them. :-)

tiffany said...

We haven't been to the beach much this summer either. Maybe I'll go during the week it's not so crowded & I can work on my tan. =D

Shadow eX said...

I haven't been toa circus since I was little pre-puberty boy. Joan and I drove by Cirus Vargus on Mira Mesa Blvd a week or two back. It was tempting to go in since Joan never been to a circus before, but Jaden wouldn't understand what he was watching so we'll wait until he grows up a bit more.