Thursday, August 9, 2007

Being SuperMOM

Woke up to the sound of the trash man. In my ugliness and P.J.'s dragged out the garbage bins. I love the early mornings before the sun comes up. Did daddy's garden and outside jobs. Then it was off to scrub the kitchen floor (I removed everything out of the kitchen to do a super job). Next was to give some serious scrubbing and attention to the bathroom. Off to the garage to do 1 huge load of laundry. Back to the kitchen to serve breakfast and lunch. Our neighbor Drew is back and he came to play. His dad had to run a few errands so I exercised while watching the kids outdoors. In again to make a lovely lasagna for dinner. At least tonight is my mom pow wow with Trimee and I can get a break to rest my throbbing aching feet and body. The hubby called Kaiser again today because his wound was starting to ooze. They said there was nothing to do but continue the antibiotic and then wait a week after and come in. Everything is normal according to them. I am documenting all phone conversations with them. Just in the event there really was a problem we would have reason to sue. There is always ER if things get to that. Meanwhile hubby continues to be on bed rest. We can't change our insurance till November. So we just have a couple more months of this nonsense. Happy eve before Friday!


grace said...

sounds like a busy day! sorry to hear remo's wounds are ozzing-sounds yucky. say hi to trimee for me. we have kaiser and we will be switching also in november, not sure what our other options are with cox though. we haven't had time to sit down and check...let us know what you decided for insurance, we just might copy you

Chris said...

quite a day!

tiffany said...

My back hurts just reading that post!