Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Tidbits

Saturday-- Went to Chula Vista church. Since I didn't have duties this week, we decided to check out their Kindergarten program. We got in on the last 15 minutes. We met and sat with the K. grandparents. It is so nice that our kids are big and we have graduated from the baby room to the big sanctuary. Kids did really well through the service. Noah kept asking for the "puppets" and Emeline said, "That was a really long and boring meeting." That is because they were used to the Bible School where everything was upbeat and exciting. A small group of us went to Soup Plantation for lunch. It was funny watching my hubby and Courtney being so cautious due to their looser diet. We were going to join A. Grace and U. Peter at Seaworld for a few hours at night, but Emeline came down with a nasty cold and fever. We just relaxed and chilled out at home. Daddy planted a lovely marigold garden in the front yard.

Sunday--After getting everyone breakfast and making a fresh loaf of bread, I headed out for some mommy time for a bit. Chula Vista Church has this Vegan cooking class every couple of months. One of the ladies told me to come and pick up some samples and the recipes when the class was done. I did. I am working on adjustments in my diet, but feel that eating everything raw is just too much of a change for me. I was asked by some Pathfinder people if I would pray and consider leading the PrePathfinder group up to age 5. That is a huge responsibility. Maybe later when Emeline and Noah are in it. I was also asked by PV church if I would lead and direct Bible School next year. I feel flattered to be asked and considered for such important roles, but seriously, it is frustrating that I can't just go to church to worship and enjoy it freely with my family without being pounced upon to do duties. Came home and went into the swimming pool with the kiddies. With the new water pump daddy bought, it was warm like a jacuzzi but without the bubbles. Came in and made dinner and banana muffins. Evening was spent playing on the computer while waiting for the laundry to finish. I usually don't watch or care for musicals, but nothing much is on to watch. So I am watching Grease. I have never seen it before. Emeline is enjoying it too. Well, the weekend is now over. Thus begins a new and fresh week.


tiffany said...

Just say no. =D

Wife said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Nicholas missed his cousins this weekend. He was asking about them.