Friday, July 13, 2007

Horray for Fridays

Day began by dropping kids off to final VBS day with grandma K. Hubby and I had some health things to take care of at Kaiser. After half a year I had a complete evaluation as to what my woman health problems are and the fixings. I have acquired multiple female internal problems after the babies were born. I will spare all the details, but ask if you want to know. There are all kinds of "quick fixes" to try, but won't take away the problems. I have already tried many of these. If I want to get on and back to normal, Kaiser will do surgery, but their only surgery fix is HYSTERECTOMY. Hubby and I believe this is NOT the way we want. So, I have to suck it up and be uncomfortable a bit longer till we find a different coverage. Rest of day was spent shopping and just hanging out as a fam. Kids want to go swimming now. IT IS HOT!!! I want to invite everyone to attend the graduation of VBS this Sabbath at Chula Vista Church during the children's story. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!

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grace said...

a hysterectormy? that is drastic, but i guess sometimes it is the only option. glad you are going to get a 2nd opinion though, to make sure