Monday, July 16, 2007

Bed Bath and Bakeware

I had made a list of all the bake ware I wanted to add to my collection and went to bed, bath, and beyond today. Yea. You could literally spend a whole day in that store. It is rather spectacular and overwhelming if you have no idea what you want. They have such neat toys for the kitchen that I would never think of. I had researched and done some Internet browsing, so I knew kinda of what I was looking for. I just began shopping and throwing all kinds of goodies into the cart, which was crowding poor Noah out of a place to sit. Then I just went into a corner of the store and began contemplating what I really really wanted and began to put back some loot. In the end I came home with 2 round cake pans, a bundt cake pan, a jello/ice mold, a mini food processor, a shot glass measuring cup (last one got eaten by the garbage disposal), a container to put over the cakes to transport, and another round party transport container. With all the birthday gift cards, monies, and magazine coupons, I basically just had to pay the tax!!!! What a deal! Noah has been playing pretend baking with my new stuff, so cute. Now I just need to find more space to put all the new things!!!!

In diet news: My hubby isn't one to blog, but I am proud of him so far. He took the first week to adjust and he cheated a bit. He is more focused and on track this week. He is eating lots, but healthier choices. I am also trying to eat better to support him, but no pressure on me if i flub up a bit. Hehehehe. He got his cholesterol test back recently. 3 months ago it was very high. His words were "I took drugs and ate crap." The drugs did help, but he is planning to take no drugs and eat better and check again after the looser thing.


grace said...

yahoo for birthday shopping. sounds like you had a lot of fun!!!! i LOVE shopping for stuff for the kitchen.

tiffany said...

Hooray for shopping! I'm glad that Remo is adjusting his eating habits. It's hard, but he can do it!

Wife said...

Yes, it's hard to change eating habits but very do-able! Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. Pick and choose your food and portion control.