Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just a Bunch of Hot Air

So today was another scorcher of hot weather. My hubby bought a solar heating panel for the swimming pool. Don't understand why when our pool is only 1 inch deep. It will heat up the water and the kids could even swim in the winter. Anyways, the pump was broken and the pool was too dirty to swim in. Uggg. Maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile I am trying to find things to do that are fun and creative indoors. Quite a challenge. When the weather is hot is causes alot of hot air and tempers too! I let out some hot air when I discovered my hubby ate my cheesecake ice cream!!!!!!! I have been going to bed early and he has been cheating on his looser diet. He claims he still can win. HMMMMM. We will see. I guess I need to hide all my food somewhere else so it will be less tempting. Well, I think I will have the kids rest and lay down for a bit. We all need to COOL OFF our bodies and attitudes.


tiffany said...

Did you ever see that link I left as a comment a while back about free movies @ regal? That's cool & free!

happymom said...

No, where was that Tiff? Send it to me please again??

tiffany said...

Here it is:

Scroll down to Rancho Del Rey.