Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Growing Up

I thought my kids were too little to enjoy or be in VBS (Vacation Bible School), but boy was I wrong. They are thrilled and loving it! They sing the songs at home and talk about their little prizes and things we do. It is a proud moment when we walk in the door as they run to daddy to share and show what they have learned. Our theme is occupations. Each day Emeline says "Let's see what we can learn today at school mom." Noah says "Are we going to grandpas church today?" What cuties. Emeline made several friends with the BIG kids and will wave to me and say Hi mom. But wants me to know she is with her friends and don't bother me. Noah was working on his craft so diligently and told me "I don't want your help mommy, I want to do it myself." It makes me happy they are maturing and growing up, and yet sad because they are becoming big independent little people now. Jada comes everyday with grandpa, but today Judah came too with A. April. I am thoroughly exhausted after we come home in the afternoon. I don't know what we will do after this week is over. I guess i will need to search for some YMCA or local community activities for us to do. Probably too late for swimming lessons. When the kids are happy it make for a happy mommy too! Got to go feed the little tikes now!

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