Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Indoors and Productive Too (Thanks for the title Tiff :-)

Emeline and Remo both have nasty colds so it was a day indoors. But I was not sitting on my ass that is for sure. I won't bore you with all my chores and things I did. Just typical housewife stuff. I felt happy and in a good mood though. Got everything done on my list of to do's. Now it is me time. I recorded all my day soaps and will now go and catch up. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCUM PETER! Adios! P.S. I was ecstatic to hear from my best friend since Jr. High Anne Marie!!!


grace said...

peter says thank you for the voice mail of you and the babies singing happy birthday. so cute!!

Mama of two hapas said...

I think we all must have the same cold! Ella and I have had a cold since last Wednesday. I find housework so frustrating...I'll get one part of the house clean, and move on to something else, then by the time that part is clean, the first part is dirty again....! I really want a full-time housekeeper! (In my dreams...)

tiffany said...

Wendy, glad you were able to get so much done! It always feels good accomplish alot.

I agree with you mamaof2hapas. I'll clean the floor and an hour later there are smudges. Plus, with all the windows and doors we keep open for air, dusting is never ending.