Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We're Back and Updates

Monday-- The hubby was off so we decided to kick back and just take things nice and slow and easy. I didn't want to fall into a relapse of illness. Took our sweet time preparing for our Disneyland trip. Didn't end up leaving SD till about 3:00 pm. Got to LA by 5 p.m. Not bad at all. Checked into the motel and went to McDonalds for dinner. We had never been to Disneyland at night. It was very crowded compared to our trip a month ago. The kids have never seen a parade before and LOVED the character parade. We got to sit right up close on Main Street. Yes, it was awesome!!! There is just something magical about Disneyland and the lights at night! We also got to see the firework show. It was very colorful and pretty too. Noah liked it, Emeline not so much. We retired to the motel quite late.

Tuesday-- Spent the whole day at Disneyland. It would have been nicer had their not been so many feet and bodies everywhere. It isn't fun to dodge people traffic or have to wait in such long lines. We did have fun because the Vangie family and Courtney were there to hang with us. All the major adult thriller rides were a wait time of 1-2 hours. We just did kid stuff and a got fast passes for a few adult things. As long as the kiddies were happy that is all that matters. I had made some chocolate and banana muffins for our group to munch on in honor of Jay's birthday. For dinner we all ate out at IHOP. We had them sing and bring Jay some birthday ice cream. Thanks for the fun times and memories guys!!!! I think we will stay away from Disneyland for the summer and go back after all the tourists and school groups have had their thrill. We still haven't seen all the park yet.

Today-- Enjoyed sleeping in till noon! Slowly unpacked. Kids were so thrilled to see their toys and anxious to play in their big backyard. We took baths. I love the smell of clean kiddies. For dinner I plan to make spaghetti and spinach Alfredo. It is soooooo nice to feel and be normal again. I just pray the boys don't get it next, but so far we are ALL WELL at the moment. I hope we can stay like that and have a great healthy and fun summer!

Happy Birthday to 2 special Barizos Uncle Jay and dad B!!!!!

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