Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crafts and Projects

I love being creative and try and encourage my kids to do projects and crafts centered around the various holidays and seasons. Today we had a blast making special things for Father's Day! They wanted to show their daddy the stuff, but I told them it was a SURPRISE and SECRET. They were ok with that and we hid the projects away. We played in our park backyard. Emeline enjoyed swimming in her little pool. Noah just enjoyed his bubble machine. Hubby bought wall paper so we can detail and finish up our kitchen, a project ongoing for 7 years. Now that the kids are older I can finally begin doing detailed work one room at a time! Got to redirect the kids thinking and get dinner! HAPPY FLAG DAY!!!!!!!!!!


grace said...

sounds like fun! i love crafts and surprises

tiffany said...

Cute! Good luck wallpapering!! I would offer to help, but you know how talented I am at remodeling. heh.