Sunday, June 10, 2007

An Up Down Sunday


Felt well enough and made pancakes for breakfast
Took a nice hot shower (felt oh so heavenly since i couldn't do that 5 days ago)
Spent some time basking in the beautiful sunshine
Cleaned my kitchen
Did one load of laundry
Quit the antibiotic and my eyes are clearing up nicely on their own
We are heading to Disneyland tomorrow


Most of the pancakes were sticking to the pan very badly (it must have been the generic Wal-Mart PAM)
I put the hot steel pan directly on the counter top and it caused it to bubble up
Still having headaches and fatigue spells
Throbbing throat
Least prepared for any vacation

Did I mention we are going to Disneyland for 2 days?????? :-)


tiffany said...

Did you finish your antibiotic or just stop taking it?

grace said...

sorry about your kitchen counter! is it all ruined now? enjoy your trip to disneyland! but make sure to finish your antiboitic, even if you see that the symptoms are going away.

Chris said...

I had pancakes for breakfast too. How was Disneyland?