Friday, June 22, 2007

Treasures and Pooped

I love Fridays and Saturdays because the hubby is off and we can be all together. Fridays are usually the busiest because I try and get all chores and my housewife duties done so we can relax and have fun on the weekend! Today's accomplishments were 3 loads of laundry, deep cleaning the kitchen, organizing our hall closet, food store, making Sabbath dinner. I am exhausted and tired but feel good and ready for what the weekend may bring! Oh, the most exciting thing today was that when I was cleaning out the closet I found a really nice skillet/crock pot brand new. It was a wedding gift that I had just tucked away. My crock pot and skillet were already thrown out. This is so nice. Skillet is on the bottom, crock pot can fit on top of the skillet. And it comes with a glass lid that is a mini casserole dish. I also had bought some picture frames a while back to start framing the kids to put on our walls. I found those in the closet too! What a great treasure hunt. Guess I should scour and deep clean all the other cubby holes in the house! The hubby and I will now eat and unwind as we watch Catch and Release. Happy Weekend!!!!

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grace said...

sounds like you had a busy day! so nice you found that crockpot/skillet thing. i love finding treasures at home!! i have a few too, i can't remember them all, but some nice things from our wedding i tucked away because the house/kitchen i just too small to have all our nice stuff out. i can't wait for a bigger place someday. see you tomorrow