Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weekend Review

Enjoyed a fun afternoon at April, Jig, Jada, and Judah's house. Lots of yummy food and family and friend fellowship. There were lots of kids around. Their was a little park nearby and the kids had a blast. Thanks Alcantaras for hosting a lovely afternoon. My hubby and I were going to go out to a movie with our kids, but we forgot our free tickets at home. I was quite exhausted so we came home and just vegetated and I retired early to bed.

Hubby and I awoke early. Enjoyed some deep and meaningful conversation. We both had some pretty interesting dreams: me about the end times, hubby about being in jail. Anyways.... Just enjoyed the time with the kiddies. I made an obstacle course with cones in the street. They had such fun riding their mini scooters through the course. We also went for a scooter jaunt around our neighborhood with the big scooters. I was able to spend some one on one time with each kid too. I was working on money concepts with Emeline. Noah and I were building some interesting creations with his connect kit. All too soon it was bath time, story time, then bed. Too bad the weekend has to end so soon. It was a good one though. And thus another new week begins!


grace said...

ha ha ha ha! (regarding remo's dream)

grace said...

p.s. had a wonderful time with you and the babies yesterday

Terri Lynn said...

Sounds like you were quite creative with those cones! Too bad you left your free tickets at home. Oh well - guess that means you still have a free movie! Glad you had a good weekend.