Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today the kids and I went to Grandma K.'s association swimming pool. They have a circle 1 inch pool perfect for the kids. We spent 2 hours there. Emeline is a natural born fishy. She loves her goggles and floaties for the arms and away she goes. There were quite a few other mommies with kids. It was kind of crowded. Summer is definitely here already. Emeline was a bit aggressive. She was friendly with the other kids, but kept wanting to jump on people and take their toys. It took Noah an hour to finally get over the fact that bathing suits were meant to get wet. He loved the water once he discovered how much fun the others were having. He wanted me to hold his hand while he walked in the water. He started spinning and said, "Mommy look I am being a washing machine." Good and fun times indeed. Felt so refreshed afterwards, even though I just got half my body wet. The evening was spent playing games with Drew (our tenant's boy). He will be leaving for Texas soon and Emeline and Noah have a blast with him. Time for stories and winding down for bed. Night Night.

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tiffany said...

I wish we had a pool...especially since it's supposed to get hot soon!