Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lazy Day

Wow. Weather keeps getting warmer and warmer, proving summer is just around the corner! That means lots of time at the beach, however, I prefer pools. Weather makes me feel so unmotivated and lazy. We did go out to visit Auntie Tiffany to borrow more Disney movies! Watching movies really helps the kids to calm down in the afternoon. Thanks Tiff for helping us with our Disney education! Went to Henry's for fresh things too. We went to the one in downtown Chula Vista because I needed some bulk items I can only find there. It was especially crowded for a Tuesday. At least everyone in the fam got to pick out their favorites. I am now going to attempt to bake an Eggplant Delight dish my grandma showed me how to make. I promised the kids some time outdoors when it cools off later. They were requesting to ride their little scooters. Chow for now!

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tiffany said...

Glad to help! =D