Monday, June 18, 2007

Eyes and Errands

Boo hoo. Today we had to get up at 8. Had family eye exams. It was Emeline's first time. She gets so freaked out when she sees anyone wearing a white lab coat. But watching mommy and daddy and realizing she was not going to get a shot and it was really quite fun, she had her turn. Little miss socialite did not talk the whole time. The doctor was nice and played a matching game with Emeline. As letters were displayed on a chart, Emeline would point to the match she had with a chart on her lap. The doctor held out a Winnie the Pooh wand and Emeline participated great with the rest of the exam. All of our eyes were healthy and no one needs any new adjustments in glasses. We took the kids to McDonalds to eat and play afterwards. Then we went to Costco, Ralphs, and Blockbuster. We got sucked into the free 2 week trial of renting. Kind of like NetFlix. We want Emeline to see and be exposed to the Disney classic movies so when we go to Disneyland she will know the characters better. We are currently watching Dumbo. Since the kids are quiet and calm I suppose I better do some chores now. The kitchen is calling me for cleanup. Gotta run.

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tiffany said...

I tried the 2 week trial 2 Blockbuster a while back too. It was cool, except I didn't watch the movies fast enough. heh. Just remember to cancel!