Sunday, May 13, 2007

Whew What a Weekend Whirwind

SATURDAY-- I was not in charge at SS this week. It was soooo nice to attend as a mommy! Got to SS half-way through. At least we made it on time to sing happy b-day to Noah. Had a lovely lunch at the B. grandparents. It was ONLY FAMILY no church members. It was fun catching up on all the sibling news. Came home and baked and baked. I made a devils food cake, cupcakes, and rice crispy treats! We were going to celebrate Mother's Day with watching "The Holiday. " Unfortunately Cox movie channel wasn't working. My hubby and kiddies went to Wal-Mart and got me Chinese food a baseball bat and a Nerf ball shooter! What thoughtful treats!
SUNDAY-- Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies! Happy Birthday my sweet Noah!!!! We had planned his birthday at a small park. It was going to cost 150 bucks to rent a gazebo spot. We were content on bringing our own shade, tables, and chairs. Well, I got the best Mother's Day surprise. The park was empty and so was a gazebo. Got blessed us and saved us big bucks too! We had over 30 people come and celebrate with us! Noah was so delighted with the park and was running, playing, and just so precious. He usually is very clingy and wants to be hugged and carried. Not today. My little boy is all grown up. It was if he turned 3 and said I'm free. It made my mommy heart melt and it was so worth the work for the party. This will definitely be a birthday he and we all will remember. Good times, friends, food, and the weather was gorgeous too. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend Mother's Day. I need to go and pack because we are taking a family vacation to Disneyland for 3 days! If I don't blog for a few days it is because we are having fun with Mickey and Minnie!


grace said...

happy mother's day wendy! and happy birthday noah! we had a good time at the party and the cake was delicious! have fun at disneyland and take lots of pictures

tiffany said...

Thanks for throwing the party, it was fun! And the desserts were outta control! =D

Mama of two hapas said...

Happy Birthday, Noah! Sorry we couldn't be there! Maybe next year!