Friday, May 11, 2007

Busy Day

Today was good :-) but very busy. Went to 3 stores to finish buying stuff for Noah's b-day. Got haircuts at grandma B.s Gave everyone a Sabbath bath. Now we are in a rush to head to A. Aprils for vespers and dinner! So, I called Kaiser about the MRI results. I had wanted to talk to my doctor, thinking to go in. I had to leave a message with a person, then the secretary of the doctor called me. "The doc said to relay to you that the MRI was normal." She was all cheery and ready to hang up. "Call us if you have any more symptoms." I told her I still have headaches on the left side but no tingling. Soon we will be so done with Kaiser. So not personal and they DON'T care! But in spite of that, let me stress that this was a HAPPY AND GOOD DAY HORRAY! Happy weekend to all!


Chris said...

Glad the MRI results were good.

Also, thanks for changing it so we can get to your blog.

Wife said...

That's great that the MRI results are normal.

Mama of two hapas said...

Glad everything was I said, probably need a good masssage and some physical therapy...when you're muscles are too tight in your neck/shoulder area, causes tingling in your arms...Good luck!