Thursday, May 17, 2007

We're Back

Wow! What a blast we have had! There just is no seeing all of Disneyland with kids in 1 day. That is crazy. We spent 2 days at Disneyland. Definitely worth it to see things in a few days span of time. We were tired each evening, but not overtired. Whatever we didn't see we knew we had time to go back and see and enjoy the next day. We stayed in a motel about 1 mile from the park. It was a bit run down and we got a suite. At least everything was clean. We gave a tip so they did a nice job on keeping our room spic and span. We also borrowed my parent's scooter so we would have 2. What a blessing that was! We were able to drive up to the gates and save on parking. We also saved our energy and feet too! We would park in the stroller parking and walk to the rides. But we did get plenty of walking and exercise in. We did get some glares and stares from the "older" generation. However we got lots of positive compliments from families pushing multiple strollers. "That is the way to go. Now that is smart. That is the best thing intervention I've seen all day!" We even saw a young dad with 2 older kids who rented a Disneyland scooter AND was towing a stroller behind! It has been at least 8-10 years since I have been to Disneyland. So much has changed. They have to keep up with the latest movie trends and interests. I loved reliving my childhood through the eyes of MY kids. Emeline loved the dangerous and scary rides. Her favorite were the Toontown coaster and the flying Dumbo and Rockets. Noah had to ride Small World everyday and he liked the spinning teacups and ladybugs. He was not as outspoken in his expressions as Emeline, but the grins and facial expressions he gave were priceless! Some characters we saw were Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eyore, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie. It was so sad because Emeline had waited for 2 days to meet Mickey Mouse. On our way out of the park on the 2nd day, Mickey and Minnie were at the closing gate. Nicholas and Emeline were both wearing their Mickey ears and we were walking up towards Mickey to get a priceless picture. Mickey was rushed away as he had to get ready for the parade. Man. I think the parents were more bummed out then the kids. Oh well, next time. Since we have magic passes, we will be going again. Middle of week is the best time to go. Let's plan a big group party there!

Our 3rd day we spent at California Adventure. This park was definitely NOT as populated as Disneyland. You could easily see and do everything at this park in 1 day. Not as many attractions as Disneyland and not near as much shade. However, they did have a whole section for kids that was in one central spot. Our highlights here were: seeing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (an interactive theatre for kids), talking and interacting with Crush (from Finding Nemo), and meeting McQueen and Towmater (from Cars).

Unfortunately I caught a nasty cold the night of Noah's Birthday that is working its tolls on my sinus and upper respiratory systems. It is so good to be home again. Now begins the huge task of "unpacking." Much to do and get started on. Up and at em I go! Hi ho Hi ho!


tiffany said...

Yay for Disneyland! It's so nice to have a pass right?! Thanks for letting me tag along. =D

Chris said...

Yay for TOKYO Disneyland. Sounds like you had fun.

Courtney said...

I wanna go next time!!!

happymom said...

Planning another Disneyland trip in August!!!!!