Friday, May 18, 2007

Insurance, Mother/Daughters Bonding

Ok, well remember the minor little bumper accident I had last month. Well, I get a call from our insurance that they want to come take a picture of our car. They were supposed to come by noon. Then another call from our adjuster handling the claim that the "other party" is claiming too much money in medical bills for such a minor accident. I handed in a written statement, but I guess the insurance now needs a verbal recorded statement because the "other party" is planning on going to court if the insurance doesn't give them what they want. So I spent my whole morning planning and waiting around for these 2 representatives to call and come out to see the car. Noon came and went and nada, nothing, so frustrating. I went about my day because I do have a life.

My sister drove down from Loma Linda and I met her and my mom at the new Cheesecake Factory in Eastlake. We were having mother and daughters bonding and celebrating Mother's Day and my mom's birthday! After a delightful lunch topped with apple strudel cheesecake we headed to Victoria Secrets. My sister and I bought some things, but mom didn't indulge. Next we headed to the movies at Rancho Del Ray. Yeah, that theatre is not as nice or comfortable as AMC but it is so less populated. We watched "Georgia Rules." It was good and cut to the heart, we were all in tears. It was about 3 generations a grandma, mom, and very rebellious teen. If you want to know more check it out for yourself. I am happy my mom had fun.

It was nice to be missed by my kiddies. Came home and daddy and kids were digging in the dirt. Into the bathtub they went. Then we played Chutes and Ladders and went to bed. I am very excited to go to PV tomorrow. The PUC college hand bells and choir will be doing the service. My cousin will be in the program and we hope to see him in the evening. Got to get ready for SS. Nighty night. :)0

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Wife said...

I'm sure the insurance company will see through the other party's claim. Hopefully your insurance company will make the other party go through a medical exam with an unbiased medical doctor to verify their claim.