Wednesday, May 9, 2007


At the request of Noah last night, we went to play at Seaworld again. The B. grandparents and Jada came to play too! We watched the Sealion show and Cats and Dogs, went through 1 aquarium, and the kid playground! It was so cute because during the shows Jada was trying to tickle Noah's feet and Noah would try to retreat. But he loved it because he would keep coming back for more. Both of them were laughing with delight! Emeline was a big cousin and held Jada's hand while we walked down from the shows. We shared our lunch literally. Jada and grandma shared corn, watermelon and yogurt. We shared cheese crackers and banana bread. We ate and sat at the dolphin viewing area (the petting area). The dolphins were so playful and in their frolic play splashed us with some cold saltwater. The kids thought that was so funny! At the playground, Jada was copying Noah's every move. She had to take her shoes off, play with the trucks, and dig in the dirt. It was so very cute. Finally Noah had enough and took all his toys and hid and played alone in this little house. Emeline enjoyed the jungle gym and ropes. She told us, I'm not a baby, I am a big kid. All the kids were grumpy and sad when we had to leave. Tonight Trimee and the boys will be here to play at our house! Glad we had some naps!


tiffany said...

Wow, the kids had a full day and will sleep good tonight! =D Sounds like you had a very fun day.

grace said...

peter wants to know if we can go to sea world on saturday afternoon or evening