Thursday, May 10, 2007


It was one of those days where everything just wasn't going my way. I asked the hubby to please take out the trash cans to the street after work. I had thrown some trash out the door so he wouldn't miss it. Heard the truck early in the am. Our tenant had kindly taken the trash to the street, but forgot it was recycle day too. So, out in my PG's I scurried to get the other can to the street. Then of course some wild animals or pets got into the trash I had thrown out the door. Got that all cleaned up. Kids awoke and both wanted different things for breakfast. Got our butts in gear and headed to Wal-Mart. Emeline was being very difficult and sassy and had to get disciplined before we even got into the store. So, of course that put her in a foul mood the rest of the trip. Even though I had a list I forgot 4 items because the family was rushing me and in a bad mood already. At least we did get the stuff for Noah's birthday! I had filled the kids pool in the am so it would be all ready and warm for their swim this afternoon. Came home and found all the water drained. The plug wasn't tight, and all the water had drained. I filled it again and the second time Noah said, "Mommy what is this and picked the plug out." The hubby decided to go to home depot an hour before work and got stuck in traffic and was late to clock in. (Mommy not at fault for that one). I do stress for him though. I was happy that the heat seems to have broken. Thank goodness God gives us new days. We shall see if tomorrow will bring a better day!


tiffany said...

Sorry that you had a bad day Wendy. =( I hate days like that. At least it's Friday tomorrow!

grace said...

yeah, sorry about that. i hate those bad days where everything just seems to go wrong.

Wife said...

Sorry about your bad day. Tommorrow can only get better =)