Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Since we went to bed late last night, we just took it nice and slow and lazy today! I found my Belgian waffle maker and made a hearty breakfast for all. We got invited to the beach, but I hate crowds. And the hubby had to work, and I was just not up to taking 2 toddlers and their mess to the beach. Not to mention the mess we would come home with. The kiddies were very content and happy playing in their small pool in the backyard. I was quite happy just laying out in the warm sunshine. I got all of Noah's thank yous done. I did accomplish the laundry, doggie bath, cleaning the kitchen floor. It is exciting because we have attempted a small garden in the back. We have corn, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, and watermelon. Something seems to be eating the leaves before the shoots have a chance to mature through the ground though. Ugg. Oh well, we shall see if anything does grow to maturity. At least we are having fun trying and experimenting. Tonight I will work on a craft that I will reveal soon!


grace said...

we missed you at the beach today. but i do love those days at home where you accomplish a lot needed work, but get to relax and just enjoy being home.

Wife said...

Your garden may surprise you, Wendy. We have two banana trees in the back that we planted as "decoration" and lo and behold, they have produced like 6 bunches of bananas in the past 3 years. We also planted a mango tree and an orange tree. Our mango has yet to produce anything, but our orange tree already gave us 5 oranges in the first year. We also planted various flowers and shrubs. Some died and some we can't get rid of even if we tried. We planted two rose bushes when we fist moved in. Two years ago,we decided to get rid of them and plan other trees and flowers. Once a year, those two rose bushes pop their head up from the ground. And I saw Jay pull out what we thought were the major roots. Guess not because they keep reappearing.