Monday, May 28, 2007

Being Sick Sucks

I got all my chores done yesterday so we could go play somewhere like Seaworld today. I was even thinking of a picnic too Val! Well, last night around 11 p.m. Emeline started moaning and crying. She was very warm so I knew she had a fever. Just my luck, we have 2 thermometers, but none worked. Soon she barfed. Not to be gross or graphic, but poor thing has never had an upset that bad. She went to sleep but was restless. She upchucked 2 more times. It was a very long night for all. She is currently sleeping which is good. She is able to drink water. Daddy will go and get the proper tools and meds. So, we are stuck at home. At least my hubby is off and we can be comfy and cozy! Maybe I will just be creative and have an indoor picnic! I want to make potato salad. Anyways, Happy Memorial Day!


Mama of two hapas said...

So sorry Emmeline is sick! We love those pedia pops things you can freeze and let them suck on so they get fluids slowly. Have you tried those? Hope she's feeling better soon!

tiffany said...

Sorry Emeline isn't feeling well =( At least all of your family is together though.

happymom said...

Yes, Noah and I went out and bought the juice, didn't have freezy things at Ralphs. Oh well, she is drinking water and the pedi juice. She also had half a piece of bread. I made an indoor picnic for the kids in the living room with towels and little table. Noah had a blast. Tonight I hope we can sleep more. Seems to be a fast moving bug. Yes, we were together. :)