Saturday, May 26, 2007

Family Gathering

Went to SS at PV, then church hopped to CV. I was so proud and very impressed with the baby cousins (Noah, Emeline, Jada). All the Barizo clan were sitting on the front row in the main part of the sanctuary. All the cousins were playing very nicely on the floor. There was no fighting, crying, complaining, and no one had to be taken out. A sign that the babies are now maturing kiddies. It was kind of interesting that the sermon was about training up a child in the way that is pleasing to the Lord. What a wonderful example the kiddies were doing and I think the pastor and God were smiling down on the precious little ones. Came home to pick up the other member of the family (Paco) and headed to the B. parents for lunch. It was just the B. clan with Courtney and A. Mercy. Wishing you were with us too Val clan. Food was very yummy, and then we took a nice walk around the neighborhood. I am happy dad B. is retired now. I look forward to seeing him relax and have fun! I have to bake brownies now to help support Courtney's nephew. I just love to bake! Tonight we will go to the game night at PV for a bit then come home and watch "Night at the Museum."


hygienequeen23 said...

yes, im glad the kiddies are well behaved in church! hopefully, it will only get easier... thanks for allowing jada to play with the cousins while we went on our "date." haha we just went to costco and taco bell and then slept! haha! we are OLD.

Mama of two hapas said...

Yeah, wish the cousins could play together more often. Night at the Museum was cute! I think that and Eragon were the last two movies we saw in a theater last Xmas.