Saturday, May 19, 2007

Church and Family

Went to SS. Emeline stayed in the baby class to support Noah, what a big sis! I was in charge in Kindergarten. I am so excited that more and more kids are coming to church again. Normally I just sit in the room by myself for half an hour before kids begin to trickle in. Wow. By 9:45 there were at least 7-8 kids. It is frustrating to plan an hour long program and have no audience. Some kids are even bringing friends! Yes. The Kindergarten has undergone many leaders, and it is so wonderful to have consistency and a regular routine after almost a year. I can't help it that I am so cool. No, I totally give God the credit. But hey, if you have a great program, kids will want to come back.

The PUC college choir did the whole service at church today along with hand bells. My cousin who is a junior and bible studies major was part of the group. My hubby and I miss the hand bells so much. Hopefully when the kids get older we can join the PV group again. In the brief time we saw my cousin, it was fun to eat and hang out at Hometown Buffet. My grandpa Kubrock would have been proud that Justin is following in his footsteps in the ministry.

Now we are all resting and relaxing. I hope I can see the movie "The Holiday" tonight since COX wasn't working last weekend. Hope your Saturday was spent resting and relaxing and enjoying too!

Happy Birthday to my mom! Happy Anniversary to both my parents too!

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grace said...

that is so good of you to be helping with the kindergarten class. i know you make your class interesting and fun so that is why the kids like coming. a few years ago i was the primary teacher with the doc and it was crazy! it was so hard getting those kids attention. it had to be engaging and entertaining to keep those kids from whipsering in the back and thowing things at each other.
anyway, sorry to wake you last night. i didn't realize the time when we were with apes and the parents so when we go to your house it was pretty late. i was trying to whisper, but i guess it was too loud becuase i saw noah's head peaking out at us from the bed. ha ha ha! he's so cute. and i was telling emeline to whisper but when she gets excited, she starts talking louder and louder. ha haha! have a good week!