Monday, May 7, 2007

Culinary Tour

Due to being home, I have taken an interest and love for baking! I am at the point in my life where I am reevaluating my career goals. I toured the culinary institute in SD today. It is in the heart of La Mesa. It was a neat circular or pentagon looking building with brown wood siding. The kitchens inside were so big and amazing. Each student gets a massive work area. I got to see huge fridges of food! You attend 2 weeks of classes and the rest of the time the program is all hands on! If I decide this is the route to go, I am interested in the pastry and baking chef program. The school is new and only 7 years young. There were tons of job placements on the board and most were local, very encouraging. I am planning to attend an open house next week where I can sit in on a live demonstration. We shall see. I just want a job I am going to love and enjoy doing. Not 100% sure if I will pursue this, but it sure was fun to see! I got excited over the the whole uniform thing and the student package of supplies and utensils that would be all mine if I enroll! It is hot again and the kids are begging to go swimming! :-)


Courtney said...

Go for it, if you don't like, at you'll know! Have fun!

tiffany said...

Cool! I love reevaluating. =D Good luck!