Sunday, May 6, 2007


Congrats to my lil bro who has officially joined the 30's club! Had a lovely evening with the K. clan at Pizza kitchen last night.

Our weather was a bit on the HOT side today. Summer is definitely here already.

I love surprises! The first surprise today was my hubby who found some used Disneyland tickets on Craig's List. 2 child passes for 15 bucks a piece. If we take them with us and show them at the ticket window we can use them to upgrade to year passes, saving us big bucks. We just need to find 2 adult tickets now. I love how my hubby is so slick and smart. The second surprise was a visit from Auntie Grace. She had made some chocolate covered strawberries! So delicious and so sweet! How thoughtful! The third surprise was my sister and her new boyfriend dropped off a kiddie pool that the K. grandparents had purchased for the kiddies. Emeline and Noah were so excited! This hot weather is supposed to continue, so the pool will be perfect! I may even sit in it too! It is just one of the plastic ones at Wal-mart with a little slide. The final surprise was the ending to my favorite family show "7th Heaven." The dad on the show is a reverend and was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. He had been through some scary times. The episode took place with him at the hospital getting tests leading you to believe he was going to die. When in reality he had been healed and his heart returned to normal size again! Show kept me on edge and an emotional up and down. Glad it ended with a positive bang. After 11 years it is finally ended. I will be sad. But for now I am just going to go to bed in a happy mood. It has been a day full of fun and cheerful blessings! With that pleasant dreams and night night!


Chris said...

Whoa, Brad is 30?!!!! That's great!!! Tell him Happy Birthday for me please.

Wife said...

We're RSVPing for Noah's birthday party. Sorry, we are RSVPing so late. I wasn't sure if we were able to make it because of mother's day. I lost the invite though. Can you give me the info again. You can email it to me if you want.