Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dentist and Trapped

So, we all had family time at the dentist for cleaning and x-rays. Emeline was a bit ill still, so just mommy and dad went in. We took shifts waiting in the car with the kids. April, I do miss the postcards for birthdays and reminders. I told the doc that we had no idea when to come in, but my mouth knew. I am pleased to say that both mommy and daddy are cavity free hooray!!!!

Uncle Rudy is in town again. Just found out late last night he would be repairing our wood floor because it keeps separating. We live in 3 rooms plus bathroom I guess that is 4. Well for today we are confined to 1 room and bathroom while Rudy repairs the kitchen. Boo hoo. The stove is disconnected and I can't cook. Uggg. Yes, we are grateful for the help. Emeline is not so warm any more and is just laying low and resting on the bed. I am enjoying playing with Noah more today, but it is challenging to keep his short attention span occupied. I feel so trapped. At least the sun is out and it is a warm day.


grace said...

sorry you were confined to one room. but it is so nice that rudy is back!

hygienequeen23 said...

glad you got your teeth cleaned!

tiffany said...

How long will the construction take? Thank goodness for sunny days huh?