Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hard Core Mommy

All I can say is whewww, so glad this day is over. I had a headache and felt like I was going to barf most of the day. Why is it that when the parent is feeling their worst the kids catch on and take 100 percent advantage of that. Had a really tough day with Emeline today. I know she is only 4, but she thinks she is the boss and trys to run the roost around here. I don't want her to reach puberty and I dread the teenage years. Anyways.. She had LOTS of time outs and even a few spanks, but it didn't phase or seem to work on her. She like tuned me out all day. She was rude and just unkind and nasty to her neighbor friend, her brother, and to me all day. Severe attitude about everything. Major drama over just simple things. It was like she had the PMS, not me today. I finally broke her tonight. She loves bedtime story time and when her brother got to pick 2 stories and she got to pick none, she was very upset and finally remorseful. Of course after explaining, praying, hugging, and making up she is now sound asleep. Noah on the other hand had another successful day of potty training. He was sad that he couldn't go outside in his jumpy jump today due to the strong wind. But he seemed content with the mound of pillows and blankets that mom created for a landing in which he could jump off from the bed! He likes to put blue tape on floor to mark his jumps.

I will end with a question. I am not the jealous type. My hubby is trying to beat me in getting more friends on myspace than me. I don't care much, however, recently his ex's sister has been leaving him some pretty LONG messages. He reads them to me and just laughs. His ex's sister is gay by the way. I am not worried that he will get together with her or anything. I guess my question is this. Am I making too big a deal out of it? I mean I know eventually the topic of my hubby's ex will arise from conversation with the sister. I have always had premonitions since our engagement that the EX would somehow try and take my hubby away from me. I am not worried about my hubby. I FEAR THE EX! How would you react? Please give me feedback thanks.


Wife said...

Honestly? It's not any different than having Jose on your friend's list.

happymom said...

I guess you are right. So we are even. It's all good.