Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Time Out

About mid week I begin to feel housebound and need some time out. Packed up the family (including daddy) and went to do our taxes. Sounds boring, but we go to a guy from church and they have fun things in the office for kids to stay entertained. My hubby and I just long to chit chat with other adults sometimes. So today was nice to have some adult conversation and interaction even if it was about business. Then we headed to our favorite franchise Wal-Mart. Besides getting the usual and what is on the list, we spent some extra time in the after Easter section and toys! I don't want to grow up. I am still a very much Toys R US kid! They have much neater toys and gadgets than I did growing up. More movement and futuristic looking. However, I still prefer the old classics--lincoln logs, tinker toys, legos, hot wheels, barbie, etch a sketch. Even with the clasics they aren't as good as the real originals. Everything is plastic and easily breakable. Came home and made lots of different flavors of jello. I had a craving for it. Topped with a bit of whipped cream, oh so yummy. Emeline got these new erasable crayons for Easter. Oh my. Yes, they really erase. Quite perfect for my little perfectionist. She loves coloring once again, since she can undo the mistakes. Noah likes to paint with water colors. Noah had a successful afternoon of peeing in the potty chair. He picked out his own potty chair rewards at the store--gummy worms. He thinks it is cool to have his own underwear. If I mess up and call them panties, he is quick to remind me. "Mommy only girls wear panties, like Emeline. I wear underwear!" Can't believe my little boy is growing into a little man. Trimee came over tonight without the little ones. Emeline and Noah loved being the center of attention. Emeline is very cuddly and affectionate with Trimee. She isn't that way with me. Well, the kiddies are finally asleep and I must take advantage and read my devotion and also hit the hay. Sleep tight!

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