Thursday, March 8, 2007

To Market to Market to Buy......

Went to play with Jada at mom and dad B.'s today. Also we got haircuts and trimmings (everyone but daddy). We save 7 bucks per person. That is how much it costs just to trim your bangs. Thanks mom!!! Emeline and Noah love gardening with grandma. They had a weeding lesson and were on mission to pull out all dead leaves and yucky weeds. They were so excited to see and count the Rollie pollie bugs. After watching the video of the Philippines and the open markets, Grace told me about the Farmers Market at downtown Chula Vista. I'd never been. It was quite small compared to the video, but it was a sunny day and the walk was good. They have mostly lots of produce, flowers, and hot vending food. I think I will go on an empty stomach next time!!! Grandma had given the kiddies some $$$$ and they love popcorn. They have the BEST kettle corn at the market! I couldn't resist getting some fresh flowers for the table too! When my hubby asked me to be his girlfriend back in the dating days (ancient history), he gave me a single sunflower. I bought a bunch of bright sunflowers for our table. Let's see if the hubby remembers and notices. My favorite time of the day is making dinner. The kids were sleeping and I could really make something nice. Sauteed fresh mushrooms, asparagus, onion, garlic, and green pepper. Made a yummy low fat milk and cream cheese sauce with Parmesan and a dash of black pepper and garlic. Poured over hot pasta I must say I was proud and pleased. Oh yes, had a baby spinach salad with lemon juice and vinegar to go with. Got major cleaning house to do for the vesper meeting. Good night!

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