Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ducks and Chicken Oh My!

We picked up grandma K. and headed to Eastlake to feed the ducks. We had barely gotten out of the car when this rush of ducks just came to invade us and surround us by the car. Poor things, they must not get much food in the winter. Their little man made lake looked polluted and I doubt there was much fish in it. Emeline and Noah had a blast. Since the kids don't like the crusts of the bread we had accumulated quite a large bag of treasure for the ducks. One goose was so tame it let Emeline touch its back and ate right out of her hand. Then we ate at Chick-Fill-A. Had never eaten there before. Was yummy. Kids enjoyed the playland area which was set up like a rainforest. They even had a bird CD playing sounds in the background. Came home and took siestas (the kids did). Now it is time to think about dinner. Leftovers sound simple and easy to me. Pleasant dreams and evening.

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tiffany said...

How ironic. You fed the geese & then had chicken for lunch.