Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mommy Playdate

Once a week to keep my mommy sanity and to get out of the house I have enjoyed meeting up with a church friend and stay at home mom. Some of you know her Trimee. Well, tonight another mommy and long time high school friend Deweese met at my house. We preceded to carpool down south to Trimees. What an adventure. We literally missed the exit because we could see big yellow signs that said, "Last US exit, no returns." SCARY! We backtracked and found Trimee. She has a nice home but the most impressive backyard! Her husband built a homemade treehouse with slide and all. They also have a Huge trampoline! It was like Disneyland and the kids loved it. Emeline cried and didn't want to leave! It was so nice to have a kid friendly environment where the mommys could just kick back and have SOME ADULT CONVERSATION and hearty laughs. Felt so wonderful! It is just so great to have some Christian moms to hang out with. So far our group is up to 3-4 moms. What makes it so cool is that we meet at different homes and can bring our kiddies. But i think after tonight and the kids request, Trimees house will remain the most popular mommy hang out! I feel content and happy. Just waiting for my hubby to get off work so we can spend some quality man and wife time! Interpret as you wish! Nighty night!

Saying for the Day: Noah kept talking about how his boogers were still sick (he has a slightly congested nose). He said the boogers need to go to the doctor.


tiffany said...

Funny, I love the last US exit...that's where the outlets are. =D I'm glad you and Trim (and the other mommys) have found a way to interact. I can imagine that staying home with the little ones can get stiffling, so it's good to hear that you guys figured out how to get around that.

hygienequeen23 said...

glad you and trim get to hang out!
oh, dont worry TIF... soon, you will join the group... peer pressure can get pretty strong... plus, my pregnancy is almost done... and you know the trend... someone is ALWAYS prego in our group!

tiffany said...

Hmm, I think it's Grace or Vangie's turn. =D

Wife said...

More, the merrier Tiff!