Friday, March 30, 2007

A very great T.G.I. F

I was so cheerful and happy for the wonderful warm sunshine today! Spent the day just chillin with my hubby and children! The only days we get to be together and hang out as a complete fam are Friday and Sat. So we make the most and best of them while we can. Hung out together IN BED till the afternoon. Nice! We were both addicted and playing on the computer mostly. I decorated and made the house ready for Easter! Emeline and Noah got so excited when I took out the colored plastic eggs. Emeline spread out her dolly blanket and aligned it with eggs. They both had such fun and imagination finding various treasures to put inside their eggs. It kept them entertained and busy most of the afternoon! When I showed the kids the egg coloring kit for dying eggs, Emelines eyes flared and sparkled as she ran to show her dad. "Look we get to do eggs." I had to keep explaining that we would save that project for next week and we needed to buy eggs for the kit. When it got cooler we all played in the jumpy jump and enjoyed our swing set. Yes, even mommy and daddy were swinging! Prepared for the Sabbath, then hit the bathtub (not all together). I spent an extra long story time with the kids because I had some new stories I wanted to read to them. Emeline read a 60 page book entitled "10 Apples up on Top" a Dr. Suez beginning reader. SHE READ IT TO ME ALL BY HERSELF. She needed a few hints on some words, but she gave me chills. I did cry some tears of joy. I guess all the months of boo boo juice paid off. Kiddies are fast asleep now. I have heavy eyes too. We haven't been very good at making it to Sabbath School this month. I really want to make sure the kids don't miss out again! Until then............Pleasant dreams!

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grace said...

i love how kids find ordinary things so new and interesting. i can't wait for our easter egg hunt!